Helen Keller joined Radcliffe College in 1896.  The preliminary examination lasted sixteen hours and Helen had to face a lot of difficulties while taking it. Her first paper was German and she was given a typewriter. Since it could disturb the other students, she was made to sit separately. Mr. Gilman read out the papers t o her through manual alphabet sentence by sentence and then Helen repeated it to make sure she had understood it correctly. She then used the typewriter to write down her answers after which Mr. Gilman would read it again. She would then make the necessary changes.

At Radcliffe, nobody read Helen’s papers once it was written. She had no opportunities to correct her errors unless she finished her papers before time. Even if she did finish it before time, she could only correct the mistakes she could recall in the last few minutes.

Though she had to face a lot of difficulties during the examination, she managed to pass in German.

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