Me: helo Ravi
Ravi: Heloo Ammu!! How r u?
me:  i am good!! but i hav a serious issue with u
Ravi: why? what happened?
me: i have been noticing u since many days.. u hav a habit of littering the streets.
Ravi: oH SORRY!!
me: No need to say sorry dear. I told u because it will create pollution in our environment.
Ravi: Yes. u r right. i shouldne hav littered like that.
me: good. from now on dispose wastes in dustbin.
Ravi: yeah! from today i wont litter the environment. i will also encourage my friends to keep our city clean.
me: great!! i also suggest u to take part in swach bharat abhiyan campaign.
Ravi: yes. every citizen of the country should try and keep their surroundings clean and say bye to diseases.
me: not only affects poor animals too.
Ravi: yea....being future citizens lets join hands and save our country.