The irony is that he although needed money , he walked away because he got the personal satisfaction !!!!
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nooooo!!!!! irony was that stayajit ray was telling him as a film star but that happed happend accyually becozzz he said just a word oh!!
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Patol Babu did not have a job and was looking for one so that he could earn a living. He had been a good actor and worked on the stage long back. When he was offered a role in a film he was very happy because acting was his passion and besides this he could earn some money too. When he reported for the shooting, he found that the role was a very small one with no proper dialogue. Even then heput his heart and soul into it but after the shooting, he left without taking the money. The irony is that although he needed money, he walked away from it because the satisfaction of acting provedenough for Patol Babu.
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