He was the principal of Cambridge School,He was a kind and able was he who aroused Helen's interest in history and literature. he was extremely affectionate towards Helen. During Helen's examinations, he would read out the papers using manual alphabet and afterward read out what she had written so that she could correct her answers.

Mr. Arthur Gilman was the Principal of Cambridge School of young ladies. He was an efficient teacher and knew interesting and effective ways of teaching so everyone enjoys it unlike mechanical note system which ultimately bores children. He was a kind and warm hearted teacher. He permitted Mildred to study at Cambridge School as he knew that it would be a moral boost for Helen. Inspite of being busy he read out what Helen has written for improvement. As he was concerned for Helen he didn't wanted her to feel stressed out in her studies and so he urged her not to take tension. This created some misunderstanding and Helen withdrew from school but continued her preparation for further studies. She had a great respect for Mr. Gilman as he helped her a lot in her life.
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