Helen attends the Cambridge School and has already set her sights on attending college - namely Radcliffe.  Annie Sullivan spells the words into Helen's hand and others try to help - and to relieve Annie who works so hard. As much as they helped, "there was only one hand that could turn drudgery into pleasure." As Helen goes on successfully, she learns to take solace and enjoyment from the pleasure of others when her own problems threaten to overwhelm her "and we feel its healing touch" Everything Helen does and everywhere she goes, she is accompanied by "Teacher." Annie Sullivan is a constant inspiration and tireless advocate for Helen, enabling her to help not only herself but many others who find inspiration in Helen Keller's life story. 
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Miss Anne Mansfield Sullivan began to teach Helen from when she was 19 moths old. She remained the companion of Helen and teacher till her health started to fall in 1914.

She helped Helen to understand the classes by finger spelling it to her. She read stories to her.
She took her to Plays.
She was always there for Helen whenever she was scared.
She built up the confidence again in Helen after the Frost King controversy.
She made Helen meet various people during her life whom she calls as the men of genious.

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