Annie Sullivan as the inspiration behind Helen Keller's extraordinary life.Helen recognizes Annie's contribution throughout her life as teacher, interpreter, friend, companion and motivator. Annie never misses an opportunity to teach Helen, whether it be academically or life skills. She teaches Helen an appreciation in even the smallest detail: "in every blade of grass, and in the curves and dimples of my baby sister's hand.Annie has the capacity to help Helen connect with nature and "made me feel that 'birds and flowers and I were happy peers.Annie makes "every subject so real that I could not help remembering.
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Anne Mansfield Sullivan was a former student of the Perkins Institute for the blind. She was blind at the age of twenty when she began teaching the 19 month old Helen. She remained as Helen's teacher and companion till her health started falling in 1914. She considered to be one of the greatest teachers of the world. 

She helped Helen to understand the classes by finger spelling it to her.
 She read stories to her by finger spelling it into her hand.

She took her to Plays- Rap Van Vinckle and The Prince and the Pauper where Helen got to touch the faces of Mr. Jefferson and Elsie Leslie to understand his expression.

She built up the confidence again in Helen after the Frost King controversy and encouraged her to write for the YOUTH'S COMPANION,a brief story of her life.

She made Helen meet various people during her life whom she calls as the men of genius - Bishop Brooks, Dr. Alexander Graham bell, etc.

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