This short story gives us a wonderful message.A boy named kabir shares his view ab wt he wants ti bcom when he grows up...he tells that he wanted to be like the great men who fought and rescued many people during the attack of 26/11...he gives us a message...of a great be a selfless person and die for our nation...true love for our awesome story!
1. India had lost a war against China in 1962. 2. Pandit Nehru had died in 1964       3. Pakistan saw this as an opportune moment to strike against India
This battle is of significance largely due to the fact that it was the battle which turned the tide of the 1965 war towards India. Until this point, Pakistan had made significant territorial gains. However it was with this battle, one involving some amazing tactical moves on part of India, that boosted the morale of the Armed Forces to such an extent that by the time the ceasefire was implemented, Indian forces had reached Lahore.