Follow the instructions in the brackets to rewrite the sentence given below
1. Tani celebrates her birthday with her family and friends .( wh question)
2. Sanjeeb does not work with NTPC.( affirmative)
3. Raju drives a Wagon - R ( negative )
4. Does George look after the food arrangements ? ( affirmative)
5. Rishav's train arrives at 5 p.m ( interrogative)
6. They seem to be interested in the programme .( negative interrogative sentence)
7. Mix sugar ,salt and water in the right proportion to prepare the ors solution .( wh question)



1) ia tani celebrated her birthday with her family and  friends
2)sanjeeb work with NTPC
3)raju doesnot drive a wagon-r
4) george look after the food arrangments
5)is rishavs train arrives at 5 p.m
6)they not seem to be intrested in the programme
7)is mix sugar, salt and water in right proportion 
why are all ur questions starting with is????
Whom does tania celebrates her birthday with?
Sanjeev works with NTPC.
Raju does not drive a Wagon-R.
George looks after the food arrangement.
When does Rishav's train arrive?
Are they not interested in the programme?
How to make a ors solution?