India is a of the fundamental principles of a democracy is that the government of the state is carried out with the cooperation and consent of the people.all democratics nations in the world guarantee certain basic rights to all their citizens.these rights are essential for the smooth functioning of a democratic republic and for the social ,economic,political and cultural development of the nation.the rights also acts as an safeguard against any abuse or misuse of power by gevernment or a group.they also provide protection to minority groups.there are six fundamental rights guaranteed to the indian people.the first right is the right to equaliy.the second right is the right to freedom.the third is the right to freedom of religion.the forth is right against exploitation.the fifth is cultural and educational rights.the forth is right to constitutional remedies.these rights are meaningless unless they are enforced and protected by a court of law.hence our constitution providesthe right to move the court to safeguard our rights.if anyone violates one or more of these rights then we can file a case against the offender at the state high court or the supreme court.

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Human rights are the rights of all citizens which is demanded by one and all. If it is denied or ignored we call it human rights abuse. Every human being has a right that his or her life should be protected by others. Mass murder and genocide are considered as human right violations.
Mass Murder means to kill more than 3 to 4 people. It is human right violations as it harms a lot of people.
Genocide is the harm of family members may it be physical or mental. It causes uproar in a society. It is human rights violations as it is depriving a lot of people from their rights.