Distilled water donot conduct electricity when an electric current is passed through it.
Aim : to prove that distilled water is a non-electrolyte
Apparatus : distilled water, one batter, beaker, wire connectors, tester etc.
Precaution : please check that your not touching the ends of the wire with wet hands.
Procedure :
1. first we need to take a beaker and then fill it with the distilled.
2. now take a battery and connect its ends with the wire connector and now let the other end be into the beaker. see through that the wore connector is into the water.
3. now with the help of the tester check whether the distilled water is conducting the electricity or not.
Observation : we can observe that the distilled water won't conduct the electricity.
Result : as the distilled water don't have any salts in it the distilled water won't conduct the electricity. hence the distilled water is a non-electrolyte.
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