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Coniferous forests are found in cold regions where the temperature falls below the freezing point.the trees have coned leaves.the trees are like slopes.the slopes preventa the ice from stucking the free.
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The coniferous trees are found mostly in the northern hemisphere, although some are found in the southern hemisphere.They are trees that produces its seeds in cones.

spruces, hemlocks, pines  junipers, larches, redwoods, cypresses and firs are the trees found in coniferous forest they are naturally green(evergreen)through out the year.

Their trees leaves are either small and needle-like or scale-like and most stay green .The needle-like leaves have a waxy outer coat which prevents water loss in freezing weather and the branches are soft and flexible and usually point downwards, so that snow slides off them.

These trees 
 survive cold temperatures and acidic soil.These forests grow under widely differing conditions of climate and soil  from the tropics to the subarctic, and from heavy clays to poor sands. However, coniferous trees are especially conditioned to the winter climate. 
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