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When two persons need goods in each others possessions this is called double coincidence of wants.when money was not introduced there was system of barter system. Example rahul wants sugar n has wheat he must first find a person someone lie raj who has sugar but even there shud be a possibility that raj wants wheat in exchange of sugar. So thus many will help in solving this prblm where money has value :)
Money can be exchangrd for any kind of commodity of one's choice or need.It becomes easier to buy and sell goods Nd services with money to make transactions.
In a barter system,commodities are directly exchanged with commodities without the use of money.But in such a system,two parties are required who are ready to sell Nd buy each other's commodities.This is called double coincidence of wants. With the help of money one buy a commodity of his choice whatever he so desires.He need not wait for the other person to agree to exchange his goods with his own goods.