Getting admission wasn't easy for Helen. Moreover she encountered a lot of problems while studying there. Bring out her problems.
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- She dint get embossed books
-Special attention couldnt be given due to large classes
-Notes couldnt be taken easily
- Uses typewriter
-Needs more time to learn than other kids
-Fears examinations.
-Arithmetic wasnt easy
-She couldnt understand physics until brille typewriter was introduced to her
- Teachers dint knew manual script.
-Geometry was difficult to understand.
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Getting admission ws not easy. helen had to work really hard in the Cambridge school which she joined to prepare for entry into Radcliffe. The embossed or textbooks in raised prints were not ready.she was unable to make notes in class. miss sullivan had to attend classes with her and was not able to speak out everything in her hand which the book required. The preliminary examinations were not easy. Secondly she had to leave Cambridge and was tutored under mr Keith. helen found maths troublesome. at the last moment just before the final exams helen got to know that the system of braille helwn is familiar with os different fork the one used in Radcliffe. so she made a last desperate push to learn the new notations. she was able to qualify for entry in Radcliffe.
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