Mr gilman was the principal of the Cambridge school for young ladies joined by Helen to prepare for entry into Radcliffe. He was ver understanding and sympathetic towards helen. He himself learned the manual alphabet to give instructions to helen. He was a good scholar and a broad minded person. He instructed help in english literature. He was quite accomodating also that's y he let mildred study in his school. During preliminary examinations he read all question papers to helen. He also read what helen had written so that she could make the necessary changes. as gilman thought helen was overworked and overstressed he deliberately removed certain subjects from his curriculum. miss sullivan believed otherwise. at last Kate Adams had to intervene and she removed her two daughters from Cambridge.
why did hate Adams remove both the daughters from Cambridge?
Because of the difference of opinion between miss sullivan and gilman. gilman deliberately removed certain subjects from helen's curriculum on grounds that she could not handle so much stress. This meant that noe ewn had to study 1 or 2 more years in Cambridge. miss sullivan and ewn were against this
Now helen had to study