the trade and the urban centers were growing slowly at the beginning of the 200 B.C to 300 A.D because the people at that time weren't that much interested in the trade with other countries and even they used to think that the trades will loot them away and take all their valuables. the trade idea was developing till then itself and the people don't even had a idea what was the trade system and will it will help them out. then slowly the people and the peoples mind set was changing and the trade was developing a lot between the state to state and even country to country. all the countries even tries to develop a good bond of trade between each other so that the trade process can go on easliy and safely with out any disputes. the south India was too much rich in its spices and even the silk and cotton production centers. all the countries like Italy, France, Germany, England were much interested in the trade with the India and they were continuously trying to trade the things between each other in this process itself the idea of colonization started and even for the power they were struggling a lot. this situation was in between of the countries. there was other situation between the kingdoms the kings were never united and they always used starve for the power everywhere they go. the trade among the kingdoms was very less when compared to that of the countries. the trade idea lead to many ways some where good and some other lead to dreadful conditions. the Deccan part had a good and fertile lands at that time so the production of the cash crops increased a lot day by day and even the prices were raising a lot because of this the people had been benefited and even few were at loss.
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