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 An energy that is totally free of cost and saves your money as the Sun is always going to be there.
 It is an environment friendly energy and hence does not create pollution.
 Provides electricity that is helps in producing electricity with the help of solar panels.
 A silent energy provider as the solar cells do not create sounds while extracting heat from the sun and producing electricity.
 Solar energy helps in reducing the electricity bill.
 The solar energy system can work independently without any connection and can be utilized and installed in remote areas too where there is no sign of electricity.
 Solar energy helps in decreasing the harmful gasses and does not contribute to acid rains, global warming, forest destruction and other natural disasters.
Solar energy can be used only during the daytime i.e. when the sun is shining bright 
The solar collectors, panels and cells that are used to absorb heat from the sun are very expensive
 In case of cloudy climate, there would be no signs of sun and solar energy which is difficult.
 The solar batteries that are charged or needs to be charged are very heavy and require large storage space. Replacing it is also difficult.
 Its low in efficiency and requires lots of land area
 There is no consistency because the devices that require energy of the sun will only work if the delivery of photons is consistent.
  Replacing the solar energy panels is also a very difficult job. 

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Advantages of solar enegry are they are usfule they are less consuming enegry by thi we can save our enviorment we can also save our electricity disadvantage i don't kniw