It is a database management can store information in the form of tables.after you create a table you can sort out items using functions like queries,form,etc
Access is a database Management system helps in maintaining a centralized control over the data. MS Access is a rational DBMS where data is arranged in in the form of tables.

The elements of Access are :
1. Title Bar.
2. Ribbon.
3. Quick Access Toolbar.
4. Microsoft Office Button.
5. Navigation Pane.
6. Tabbed bar.
7. Status bar.
8. Tables.
9. Queries.
10. Forms.
11. Reports.
12. Macros and Modules.

Ms Access provides many useful features + options and tools to work. They helps the user to store data, calculate data's for future use. Inputting, Formatting and Validating are 3 most important features. Properties and different fields are a part of Access.