There is a subtle difference between the Cabinet and the Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers is a bigger body which includes all categories of Ministers. All Ministers and Deputy Ministers are the members of the Council of Ministers.The Cabinet is a smaller body which consists of a few important senior ministers who are in charge of separate departments. The Cabinet is described as “a wheel within a wheel”. It s the nucleus of the Council of Ministers.The Cabinet Ministers are the senior most members of the Council of Ministers. It is left for the Prime Minister to decide who should be included in the Cabinet. The Cabinet is usually a smaller body consisting of nearly 10 to 20 persons.
Council of ministers:the general elections to the lok sabha take place once every 5 years.after the elections the prime minister is appointed.he selects a number of ministers and submits a list to the president.when the presidents appoints and approves the ministers on the list then the council of ministers is formed.The cabinet:the cabinet is the inner core of the council of ministers.the cabinet ministers hold the most important portfolios and make the most important decisions.they has the greatest responsibility.
It has about 60-80 members of different ranks.
cabinet ministers are high level leaders of the majority party incharge of the more important ministers