The Six rights are :
1. Right to Equality - The right to Equality has the Equality of all its citizens.
2. Right to Freedom - The right to have one's own thought and speech.
3. Right Against Exploitation - The Right for quitting slavery and forced labour.
4. Right to Freedom of Religion - The right for the chose a religion.
5. Right to Culture & Education - The right for following any culture and have education.
6. Right to Constitutional Remedies : The right to move Supreme court for the deniable of Fundamental rights.
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Right to equality:we all are equal to the eyes of one can be discriminated on the basis of gende4,race,creead ,wealth or religion.Right to freedom:we have the freedom to form associations or groups,express ourselves ,give our speech peacfully and practice any proffesion we want.Right to freedom of religion:this means we can practise,profess and propagate our own religion.Right against exploitation:no one can be forced to work withoit his or her will or without payment.children below the age of 14 cannot be employed for dangerous works or in factories or mines.Cultual and educational rights:we have the right to go to school maintained by regious or linguistic minoroties.Right to constitutional remedies:all the rights are meaningless until they are protected by a court of law.i anybody violates one or more of these rights then we can file a case against the offender in the state high court or the supreme court.
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