The idea of feeling rather than hearing a sound, or of admiring a flower's motion rather than its color, evokes a strong visceral sensation in the reader
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Helen had started reading before she could even understand. On Rainy Sunday morning when, nothing else to do, Helen begged her cousin to read her a story out of the bible. Although the cousin did not think that she could understand. Somehow, it failed interest to her and as listening she went to asleep and wandered off to the land of nod. Hence Helen did not like the Bible in her childhood. 

But later got interest for reading the bible. BIshop Brooks was the one explained her that there was only one universal religion which the language of love. After the death of him, Helen began to read the bible thoroughly.

When she was in the Radcliffe College, she had the English Literature subject in which she had read the bible and got interest in it. 

She discovered a lot in the biblical stories. 

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