Mr. Gilman is the founder, director and principal of the school "Cambridge school for the young ladies" . He was a major figure in advancing higher education for women. He was also one of the founders of the Radcliffe College.

Helen went to this school for improving her lip reading techniques and for practicing to achieve for her dream - Learning in the Radcliffe College with other seeing and hearing girls. 

Mr. Gilman and Helen's German teacher 'Frau Grote ' who learned to finger spell, so that they could give a break to Miss Sullivan.

During Christmas, Helen's mother and Mildred (Helen's sister) came to meet her. Mr. Gilman offered to let Mildred join the school. 

Mr. Gilman thought that Helen was overburdened during her second year and wanted Helen to study in school for one more more which she did not like even Sullivan too. This difference of opinion lead to Kate Adams (Helen's Mother) withdrawing Helen and Mildred from the school.

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He was the principal of Cambridge School for the young ladies. he was an efficient teacher .it was he who aroused Helen's interest in history and literature. he was extremely affectionate towards Helen. During Helen's examinations, he would read out the papers using manual alphabet and afterward read out what she had written so that she could correct her answers.
However.  difference of opinion between Mr. Gilman and Helen regarding her studies caused them to separate. Mr Gilman felt Helen was overexerting herself in studies. Helen, who was keen to go to college with her class, disagreed with him. Helen pulled away from Cambridge and carried on her preparation under private instructors .
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