Tricky Logical Puzzle
There are two arch enemy Dhuryodhan and Bheem. One day two are going together and a god appeared in from of them. The God grant three wishes to Bheem and one to Dhuryodhan. Dhuryodhan replied smartly 'Give me twice of whatever Bheem ask for'. For 1st wish Bheem asked the god 'Give me a room full of money'. Soon Dhuryodhan gets two room full of money. For 2nd wish Bheem asked the god 'give me 100 slaves'. Soon Dhuryodhan gets 200 slaves. Whats should be Bheem third wish ?



 he asked god to beat him !

a guess !
1 4 1
Bheem will asks god to take away "50% of what he got".

Thus in case of Dhuryodhan it will be "100% of what he got". Thus Dhuryodhan will be left with nothing but Bheem will have half the previous.

Thus Bheem overwits Dhuryodhan... :-p