“Journey Through the Night” is the second of seven stories in Jakov Lind’s debut book Eine Seele aus Holz (1962; Soul of Wood, and Other Stories, 1964). Although only three stories deal directly with the Holocaust, the collection immediately gained its Austrian-born author international fame as a savagely inventive, often grotesquely humorous portrayer of the Nazi extermination of the Jews. Given the atmosphere of horror that pervades the book, along with Lind’s biography as a survivor of Nazi persecution, a sweeping view of his early stories as Holocaust parables was widely espoused, and “Journey Through the Night” has often been cited as such a parable. Lind himself appeared to suggest reading the story in this vein. Writing on the annihilation of the Jews in his native Vienna as a result of Nazi racism, he expressly linked the central motif of the story with the Jewish catastrophe.
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Journey by night is a story of a brave boy, Sher Singh, whose father was a very brave man and was awarded the title Bahabur. The boy was also very brave like his father. He carried his younger brother,Kunwar, who was suffering from severe stomach pain to the Hospital travelling a distance of 50 miles crossing forest at night and 2 rivers(1 flooded) and finally reaches the hospital and saves the life of his younger brother.
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