Funny Small Riddle Series
You need to complete the series of riddles which are stated as : 1. You have a task to put a dinosaur in your cupboard ? 2. You have a task to put a tiger in your cupboard 3. Lion, the jungle king invites all the animals to his 22nd birthday party. Everyone single animal comes except for one animal, which one ? 4. There is small lake having deadly crocodile , you cannot go over it, you cannot go under it and you cannot go around it, how do you get across ?



1 and 2 are related with each other...and we can`t put both of them in a one cupboard..
3 because that animal is lion himself 
4 sorry i don`t know the ans for 4th can u plzz tell me

mark as brainliest , if helpful plzzzzz
actually i know the 4th one ,we will jump in the lake and crocodile will eat us.
1 open the door of d cupboard
2 remove the dibosour frm d cupboard nd put the tiger in
3 tiger is absent as he is in d cupboard
4 we can crosd d lake bcoz crocodile is present in d lions party