We can use leaves as resources-

1,  you could make a green dye, with the hemp plant u can make marijuana

2, many leaves have medicinal properties which are very useful to us as a natural medicine.
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Leaf are natural resources. They are found every where. Before we can classify this as resource, we should first understand how it is a part of natural resource. Leaf's are a part of trees. They are found everywhere and in each tree.
They can be used and utilize as a resource by the following way.
1. Some leaf contains medicinal properties which can be used as drug.
2. Leaf can help in enhancing the fertility of Soil.
3. We use leaf for eating like vegetables. Which helps us to obtain iron, vitamins etc for our body.
4. They are used as traditional spices and remedies.
5. It plays a very important role in providing us air.
6. Leaf are also use for making soap by industry.
7. Colour dye for clothing.
8. Leaves are use for Traditional and culture designs of tools.
9. Some are used as Insecticides.
10. Dry leaves for mosquito repellent etc.

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