Short story on 1.we were tired
2. neèded food and rest
3. even a desolate building on the blind alley looked quite promising
4. We approached to it.

Because it is 8 marks question
koi nahi like pa raha hai kya
koi nahi likh pa raha hai
mujhe abhi Tak mera koi answer mila
nahi letter ka aur na hi story ka


After a long tiring day. we raced the town.
we were really tired and needed food and rest. we started looking for a hotel or inn to stay in but couldn't find any.
finally god helped us and we saw a desolate old building in a blind alley.
at a time like this, even this building looked promising.
after confirming the decision we approached the building. we rang the door bell. an old man opened the door. we told our condition to him and he agreed to give us a room for the night.
we thanked him, have him some money and stayed in the room, ready for the next day.

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It is too short
There is no any adventure thriller
that's what you get for 5 points as reward :)
kuchh bhi Banado it is not important that there is use only four points you can use anything also
Story about 200to250 words