A humorous story revolving around 3 protagonists - John Hallock,Lavinia Hallock and Helen,a ghost.
Jenkins,  a magazine publisher duns John to give him some story on supernatural,ghostly things.The writer has no specialization in ghost story writing,rather they speacialize in him.As he sits to think of a plot to write,unghostly things crop up in his mind.Then he begins to talk to himself when he hears a voice.It is now that he begins to have a conversation with a she ghost.The ghost says that she is a stalwart of the 'writer's bureau' formed by other ghosts to give ideas for ghost story writers such as Hallock.She says,they are going on a strike because they are constantly been pestered by Ouija board fanatics a little too often,disturbing their precious sleep.She asks John to influence his acquaintances,friends and others to stop using the board
Just then,Lavinia calls on John.She brings him an Ouija board to help him write stories.He doesnt like the idea of the board and asks lavinia to get rid of it.Later when he restarts to write his plot,he is not able to.After work,when he gets back home...his wife had planned a party of Ouija board.Somehow through the boards, his wife comes to know of Helen meeting John.She suspects John to have a marital relationship with Helen.She decides to leave John, but luckily comes to know that Helen is an ungly ghost who is helping John write his plots for stories.They reconcile with each other

Forgive me,couldnt provide details.
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