Specific features of Phylum AnnelidaThe exterior and interior of the body is segmented.
Moist secretions make the skin of the earthworm slippery and moist.
It has chitinous setae on its body.
Adaptations- The earthworm’s skin is brown coloured like the colour of mud. This gives it protection from its enemies.
It feeds on humus, which is the rich organic matter found in soil.
The body of an earthworm is long, cylindrical and symmetrical. These features help it to burrow into the soil.
The earthworm eats the soil that comes in its way and excretes it through the nephridia, found on each segment.

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)Body has more than two cell layers, tissues and organs.
)Body possesses a through gut with mouth and anus. 
)Has a true closed circulatory system. 
)Has no true respiratory organs. 
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