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Uses of convex mirror

1)  reflector in street lamps 
2)  rear view mirror
3) Security mirrors 
view finder in vehicles
sun glasses
6) Found in telescopes 
 magnifying glass
 ceiling dome mirrors 
10) s
urveillance mirrors 
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it is also used in magnify glass,telecope
same as concave mirror
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1. they are used in buildings to help people see what is around the corner.
2. they re used in vehicles to give a wide field view.
3. they are used in sunglasses to reflect the sunlight away from people's eyes.
4. two convex mirrors are kept back and forth to make a magnifying glass.
5. they are used in street light reflectors to spread light in a bigger area.
6. they are used in telescopes to magnify.
7. they are used in security purposes to see where hands cant reach.
8. they are put on road corners so that drivers can see if a car is coming around.
9. they are used as ceiling mirrors in domes.
10. they are used in ATM's to check if someone is behind you.

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