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Autotrophic Nutrition:

1. Autotrophs Nutrition prepares organic food by using photosynthesis.

2.  It is manly of  – photoautotrophic and chemo autotrophic nutrition.

3.  photoautotrophic and chemo autotrophic nutrition depend on solar energy only .

4. In this process CO2 (Carbon) is taken in and O2 (Oxygen) is released outside. 

Heterotrophic Nutrition:

1. Heterotroph Nutrition depends on autotrphs for its food.

2. It depends on solar energy indirectly.

3. The food is taken into the body and undigested food comes outside.

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1) Autotrophic nutrition is a process where plants make food by combining large complex organic molecules such as starch, lipids and protien with simple inorganic molecules like water, carbon dioxide and minerals. Hetrotrophic nutrition is where organism feed on organic substances that have been made by other organisms.

2) Autotrophic nutrition- Chlorophyll is required.
Hetrotrophic nutrition- Chlorophyll is not required.

3) Autotrophic nutrition-All green plants and some bacteria have this type of nutrition.
Hetrotrophic nutrition-All animals and fungi have this type of nutrition.

4) Autotrophic nutrition- Food is generally in day time.
Hetrotrophic nutrition- Food can be obtained at all time.

5) Autotrophs are sedentary whereas Heterotrophs are mobile organisms. 

6)Autotrophic nutrition-It depends on solar energy directly.
Hetrotrophic nutrition-It depends on solar energy indirectly.

7) Autotrophic nutrition is mainly of two types – photoautotrophic and chemo autotrophic nutrition.
Hetrotrophic nutrition-It may be holozoic, saprozoic, osmotrophic, parasitic, etc.

8) Autotrophic nutrition-In this process CO2 is taken and O2 is released. E.g. Green plant and animal like Euglena.
Hetrotrophic nutrition-In this process food is taken into body and undigested food is released outside of the body, e.g. Bacteria and all animals.

9) Autotrophic nutrition- Autotrophs create nutritional organic substances from simple inorganic sources like carbon dioxide.
Hetrotrophic nutrition- Heterotrophs cannot produce organic compounds from inorganic substances. 

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