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First construct a perpendicular line using a ruler on a paper.Place the compass on the intersection point and adjust the compass width so it reaches the start point.Draw an arc that intersects the perpendicular line.Place ruler on start point and where arc intersects perpendicular line draw a 45 Degree Line.

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1) First draw line.
2) then draw a semi-circle on the line.
3) put compass on one end an mark an arc on the semi circle.
4) put compass on the newly made arc and made another arc against the 1st one.
5) now put compass on the 1st arc and make an arc above the semi circle.
6) now put compass on the second arc an cut the arc that we made above the semi circle.
7) join the base with the area where the 2 arcs cut each other.
8) now put compass on that area where the semi-circle and the dotted line meet and draw arc.
9) put the compasson that place from where u marked the very 1st arc, it shoul cut the last arc we made.
10) now join the intersecting point of the 2 arcs with the point on the base from where we started our dotted line.

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