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-Save nature.Save life
-Trees can survive without man,but man cannot breathe without tree
-Say NO to plastics and yes to future generation
-We have not inherited the nature from our ancesters but borrowed from our grandchildren!

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Slogans on protect the forest

A Small Step To Save The Earth Is In Your Hands. Do Just One Small Thing Today!
But What If We Can Save Forests?
Consider The Birds and the Bees, Stop Cutting Down Trees!
Dare To Be A Force of Nature.
Each One. Plant One.
Farms Here, Forests There.
Forest For All, All For Forest!
Forests Are Not For Sale.
Forests For People.
Give A Hoot! Don’t Pollute.
Give Nature A Voice.
He That Plants Trees, Loves Others Beside Himself.
If You Cut A Tree, You Cut Your Life.
It’s The ONlY Planet We Have.
Just Follow The Frog.
Keep The Green. Cut The Greed.