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Home alone 

⇒ I was alone at home. My parents are gonna be out for the night in order to attend a wedding. I was thrilled to be at home alone. So the first thing that came into my mind was television. I switched on the TV and after i was surfing through channels decided to watch a spooky movie.I was biting my nails through it but it was still fun.Then there was a power cut. I was scared. Then I heard some sound in the bathroom. With a candle, I entered the bathroom. To my surprise, I saw a shadow of a snake on the wall. My eyes were wide open. I quickly closed up the bathroom, called my neighbours, and told them about what I had seen. My helpful neighbours came to my house and opened the bathroom with preparation stuff. They saw a squirrel on the soap rack. I had mistaken the squirrel 's shadow with the snake 's. I ran upstairs into my room and went to sleep.