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                                           Desert Animals

India has vast variety of flora and fauna. 
Most desert animals have found a way to solve the heat and water problems of the desert. Desert is very much heated up. Camels are called the ship of desert. It has humps to store food and water. Many special features helps animals to survive in desert. Desert temperature is very high at day time and very low at night. The lack of water creates a problem for all desert organisms. Animals receive heat by radiation from the sun which effects the health. But they survive. There is oasis also for water supply. 

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India has a large  variety of flora and fauna. and some of the animals which are present in the desert are desert lion , camel Sidewinder etc Camels are called the ship of they help people to travel in and around the desert . even if there is extreme heat in desert nd at night they have to survive extreme cold conditions. unavailability of the food , scarcity of water etc the animals over there survive . those animals living in desert are adopted only to live in that particular region they cannot survive in cold places. they have specific organs for them to survive Sometimes because of total internal reflection they see the water somewhere nearby but it is not water but there is oasis also for water supply. 
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