Helen had written the frost king story for giving it to mr anagnos for his birthday.she copied the story and sent it to him but she suggested tht she should change the title from 'Autumn Leaves'to 'frost king'
anagnos was delighted with 'frost king' and published it in one of the perkins institution report. he tells this was the highest point of happiness,from which i was in a little while dashed to the earth. but anagnos comes to know that this story is similar to 'The frost fairies' and 'birdie and his friends' by miss Margaret .T.Candy.
when the controvery arose ,helen tried to recall if ever she had read the book,but she could remember nothing except a common reference to jack frost .the narrator was told to appear before a court of investigation composed of a teacher and officers of the institution without miss sullivan
helen was questioned and cross questioned about tht book .this incident left helen in tears and she wanted to end her life. but angel of forgetfulness carried away much of the misery and bitterness of those sad days.
after the incidence sullivan and graham bell investigated this problem and got to know that in summer of 1880, sophia .C.hopkins had read the book 'the frost fairies' and 'birdie and his friend' to helen .in the day of her trouble,the narrator receives many consoling messages from her friends .had it not been for the persistent encouragement of miss sullivan ,the narrator would have given up writing . most composition of narrator were made up of crude notions of her own inlaid with bright toughts and ripe opinion of the author she had read.the narrator felt that all the efforts and pain she took in writing the story was to please her friend anagnos .but her only regret was that it resulted in loss of one of her dearest friend mr anagnos.
after tht incides anagnos retractes his statement that helen and sullivan are not innocent .the narrator says that she has given us account of the book written by her in order there be no misunderstanding and because it was important in her life and education .she says that she had set forth all fact as they appeared to her ,without a thought of defending herself or of laying the blame on anyone