Freedom or independence means that our lives are shaped by personal priorities rather than external constraints or social pressures. It means we are able to follow our own deepest values and exercise our judgment even when others disagree or disapprove.
To maintain independence, we must recognize our natural human tendency to assimilate--to gradually conform our ideas to those of groups or leaders that we like.
Because group dynamics encourage conformity, independence can create situations that are uncomfortable. Though sometimes awkward, the presence of independent thinkers is a gift to all because it keeps a group from falling into shared illusion or error
Independence is very important for us because we all want to live freely not under someone's rule if that rule is wrong and is not allowing us to live our own lives and also that is trap us .
Independence is also known as freedom and its good example is the independence of India against British rule and they were ruling badly on India . but now when we have got freedom or independence we are living our lives in our own way and happily than before .
Independence is also important because it also means rights and equality of all people for this an example is that -like, a servant is working in someone's home and it means that he/she does not have freedom because they are working under someone's rule and it also mean that they do not have the equality like the person of the house sit on chair or bed but the servant mostly sits on the floor.