Quelch was a very smart and intelligent person he knew answer to all the question which were asked to him...he was nicknamed Professor...he always saluted the officer above his post to show them sympathy but he always correct people in front of whole public which made the person in front embarrassed and his this behaviour lead him to a huge massacre with the commissioner ( or whoever came to gave the speech... idk the name )
Private Quelch was knowledgeable fellow. Those who had any doubts on the subject lost them after five minutes conversation with him. He was an intelligent man. He knew too much, so he used to correct or complete the statements of his juniors or seniors on any topic. He spoke frankly and boldly irrespective of person or place. He told the sergeant that it was all a matter of intelligent reading. More importantly, he was hard working fellow. He borrowed training manuals and stayed up late at night reading them. He even helped his fellow soldiers by teaching them all they had to learn. Despite some good qualities, Private Quelch was a tawdry, boring, proud and overconfident fellow. He badgered the instructors with questions. He used to show off his knowledge for recognition. He lectured his fellow soldiers in a droning, remorseless voice on every aspect of human knowledge. Undoubtedly, he was an intelligent man but his habit of showing off brought him to the lowest level.
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