Mrs. Hutton was the wife of Mr. Laurence Hutton at the time when she and Helen Keller became friends.  Helen was friends with both Mr. and Mrs. Hutton.  The couple lived in a "lovely home" in New York City, which Helen visited often.  

Mrs. Hutton was a loyal friend to Helen.  In fact, Helen noted that a lot of what she "[held] sweetest" and "most precious" was because of her dear friend.  Her friend offered her advice and guidance when she was at school.  When Helen would become discouraged, Mrs. Hutton wrote her encouraging letters.  It is evident from Helen's descriptions  that Mrs. Hutton was a motherly figure who sought to mentor a young woman who was living away from her own mother.  She had a large amount of loyalty and was always willing to help her beloved friends

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Helen full anme is helen adams keller helen born on 27 june 1880 her father name is captain arhur h. keller her mother name is kate adams keller her family originates from switzerland .helen was not born blind and deaf ,a mysterious illness left her blind and deaf helen parents consult dr. j . julian chilsom for advice .he advised them to contact the perkins institute for blinds .and the school director made anne sullivan herself vissually impaired ,helen instructor and by time sullivan tecah him the lesson of life the way to live life and the way to write and when helen is able to read and write then she write her own biography which is also known as The Story of My Life .

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