A.b.c nagar,


Dear friend,
All my prayers for you. I hope that you are fine. By this letter I want to share my unforgettable experience that I had in my winter holiday.
It is never that I encourage my Parents to visit to our village. But this time I was asked to go to my village and take care of the farmland. There are 5 workers working there. who take care the farmland, poultry, cattle etc., I was there for just a week but one week taught me many new things. The first day I could not bare the stinking smell of the cow dung and the food also was not tasty. That day I managed somehow. That night I enjoyed the weather and the calmness of the countryside. From the next day I decided to go in the fields. I came to know that even the poultry and cattle shows love to us. There is a puppy in our field. It is very cute and lovely. I loved to spend time with it. The people were very friendly to me and I never felt away from my family.
I wish that I spend my next vacation in some spot like this and you will also join me. Reply to me as you receive my letter. I will be waiting.

Yours lovely,