Mughal emperor shah jahan built this massive fort when he transferred the capital from Agra to Delhi. The construction of this monument began in the month of Muharran on 13 may, 1638. It took ten years to complete the construction in fort delhiRed Fort DelhiThe main architects of this monument were Ustad Ahmad and Ustad Hamid. During the times of Mughal, it was called Qila-i-Mubarak (the blessed fort).The fort is located beside the river Yamuna. A massive wall was built around the fort to protect it from the external attacks. The wall is build of red sand stone. That is why the fort is called red fort. The fort have two entrances- Lahore gate and Delhi gate. The shape of this fort is octagon and it covers 256 acres of land.Inside the fort there are many beautiful architectures and buildings - Diwan-e-aam (the hall of public audience ), Diwan-e-khas (the hall of private audience ), rang mahal (the house of emperors wives), moti masjid, peacock throne. The famous Kohinoor diamond was a part of the peacock throne.Every year on 15 August (on India's independence day), prime minister of India gives speech to the nation from the lal qila.In 2007, it was declared UNESCO world heritage site
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some cool facts about red fort are -
.Every year on 15 August ,Prime Minister of India host the national flag here.
. Red Fort was painted in white colour but British then painted in red. and  its name was Qila-i-Mubarak.
.It was built by the mughal emperor Shahjahan when he transferred the capital of Agra to Delhi.
.It took ten year to complete the Red Fort .
.The Shahjahan's royal seat was made of gold and many expensive and precious stones like pearl ,rubies and even also the world most precious stone kohinoor.