The most important person in Helen's life was Miss Anne Sullivan, she was her teacher from the age of seven years until her death in 1936. she has tired ceaselessly and was undeterred by various obstacles that hindered the progress of Helen's education. She worked a miracle by teaching Helen to communicate. with hardly any professional or academic credentials to her credit. Miss Sullivan proved to be Helen's spiritual liberator. She sacrified her entire life for Helen. not only did she enable Helen to be released from her dark world but also to attain enlightenment through knowledge. Her remarkable patience with Helen, especially during the early years, should certainly be mentioned. She comes across as a perfect teacher who was dedicated and devoted to her calling. Determination and perseverance were the hallmarks of her character, as she never gave up no matter what the odds against her were. She did not depend on any traditional methods of tutoring Helen. On the contrary, she relied largely on her instinct and gave Helen the very best. It was she who helped Helen regain her confidence after yhe 'Frost king' episode. she accompanied Helen to Cambridge school and later Radcliff too. She was also with Helen no matter who tutored her. She spelt out all the voluminous books and lectures into Helen's palm. She was Helen's window to the world of Knowledge. Though she got married to John Macy in 1905. Miss Sullivan remainded Helen's constant companion until her death in 1936.