Every one in the world has its own thoughts and dreams.these thoughts and dreams of one people is very different from the other peoples.hese thoughts and hopes are sometimes called as dreams.we should always see such a dream that is possible to be fulfilled in this world and not something which is impossiblewhen a person see a dream and it becomes very close and a attachments rises in the persons hearh.the person now has a work to fulfill in his or her life.the person tries his or her best to fulfill his or her dreams.these dreams are like an amazin adventurous journey.these journeys are not as easy as it looks.thes ejourneys has a lot of obstacles in its path.when our mother ir father thinks that this path is not good for our future then we should tey our best to make them agree our decision.a very important thing is trust in yiurself.if this is there then no one can ever beat as a fact we should never stop instead always continue our journeys of fulfilling our dreams.this is how we fulfill our dreams.
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