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I will convince him and ask what i done and say sorry to him/her
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well both the ans are bst
so difficult one
u try to help her in some way by which she can be happy
i think she will realiz e that i m guilty
If you hurt someone, you need to apologize to that person, expressing him/her how you feel guilty about hurting him/her.

You can give him/her a SORRY card along with some little gift... This is usually how some people tend to express their apologies...

Also, you must promise him/her, and yourself too, that you will never hurt him/her again and that you will make him/her happy.

Hope this helps :)

Good day!
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Girls take time but I hope she understands u
But keep trying!!
right! :)
One more thing...if u r really wrong in wht u have done and it has hurt her badly ....its gonna be difficult