Helen visited Niagara Falls in 1893.  Because Helen could not see or hear, she relied on her other senses to experience the majesty of the powerful falls.  Helen described that she "felt the air vibrate and the earth tremble."  She explained that people sometimes asked her how she could experience beauty without being able to see or hear.  She went on to say that she could not define how she was able to experience beauty.  People seemed unable to understand how Helen could connect with nature because she did not have two of her senses.  

In that same year, Helen and Miss Sullivan visited the World's Fair.  Helen connected her experiences at Niagara Falls by describing that through touch, she was able to experience the wonders of the Fair. Helen was given special permission to experience the exhibits through touch.  Normally, no one was permitted to touch these objects.  Helen "took in the glories of the Fair with [her] fingers

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