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Revolutionary terrorism

Revolutionary terrorism is arguably the most common form of terrorism. Practitioners of this type of terrorism seek the complete abolition of a political system and its replacement with new structures.
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If establishment terrorism follows a top down model ,then revolutionary terrorism is the bottom up version (though it's sometime sponsored by foreign states) .The two model share a codependent relationship repressive government using terror to combat terrorist forces , each fanning the other's fires for instance , the roman empire and the rebellious Jewish sicarii waged wars of terror against each other during the first century AD over occupied judea .
Just as establishment terrorism often arises when more lenient forms of keeping law and other fail , so too does revolutionary terrorism become an option when a military victory isn't possible. Rebellion can take different forms. On one extreme , you can field an army against the dominant government if you have the resources. If you are outmatched, however , other methods are available.

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