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In "The Story of My Life", Helen Keller holds Anne Sullivan in the highest esteem and is forever indebted to her for her enormous efforts, working far beyond expectations and ensuring Helen's ongoing success in everything she does. Helen even recalls the day Miss Sullivan arrives as being "The most important day I remember in all my life."(Ch 4) It is the methods of teaching that allow Helen to thrive ensuring that each new experience, including the negative ones, allows Helen to "learn from life itself."Also the name is kept from Harold. Sullivan is an American boxer where MR. bramble thought of keeping this name to harold he last for bare knuckled boxing championship he is world heavy weight championship. 
Sullivan used manual alphabet to spell out words in Helen hand she knew the interests of a child Sullivan taught Helen the manual alphabet , braille and the wide range of educational subjects.when Helen wanted to learn speaking she spent hours to teach her and correct her mistakes and pronunciation Sullivan was companion to Helen during her entire schooling it was Sullivan who spelled out books to Helen it would be a mammoth task when books were not in braille .
she dedicated her life in making helen a literate atriculate nd well adjusted person