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Resistance of dry air. 

Electrical Resistance is the property of an electrical element to oppose the flow of the current passing through it when a voltage is applied across the element. It is, mathematically, represented as the ratio of the voltage to current. 

The flow of electric charge is the cause of electric current. The electric current is due to the flow of electrons. The measurement of electrical system is done by using some properties related to it. These include resistance, electromotive force, and electric charge. The electromotive force is the flow of charges which cause of flow of electric current. It is measured in volts. It’s similar to electrical pressure.

The concept of
 resistance is given by Ohm in its law. This makes redistrict in the electrical flow in the conductor. All materials have some resistance power natural which makes flow of electricity less. Materials which have low resistance increase electricity flow while materials with greater resistance need electromotive force for electricity flow. Let’s discuss more about the resistance, with its units and problem based on it.

⇒ Electrical Resistance of Dry Air

We know that the resistance depends on the resistivity of the material. The resistivity of the air is 1.3 × 10^16 to 3.3 × 10^16 Ω-m at 200 C. With no ions in the gas its resistance is infinity, so same hold true for air also. So, the resistance of any gaseous material depends on the ion content of that gas.

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