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Let speed of the 1st trip x miles / hr. and speed of the 2nd trip 3x / hr.

We know that

Speed = Distance/Time.

Or, Time = Distance/Speed.

So, times taken to covered a distance of 50 miles on his first trip = 50/x hr.

And times taken to covered a distance of 300 miles on his later trip = 300/3x hr.

= 100/x hr.

So we can clearly see that his new time compared with the old time was: twice as much.

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Let the speed of the first trip be = x miles/hour
And the speed of the second trip be = 3x miles/hour

We know,

So time for the first trip = 50/x hours
And time for the second trip = 300/x hours
=>100/x hours

We can see here that the time taken by the person on the second trip is twice as much as the first one.

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