1. Buildings are home and office of people's of a certain area in the survey.
2. Monuments are sign of history and they should be conserved.
3. The growth of increasing 10 person per sq/km helps to minimize growth rate.
4. Preservation of land to maximize growth rates.

Disadvantages :
1. Earthquake may occur and it may destroy the buildings and monuments. (Renovation is needed to be done).
2. Monuments can be converted to temples.
3. The birth rate is higher than death rate in the specific area.
4. Building new buildings, house, factories and industry to occupy the free space.
It is very necessary that there are advantages and disadvantages of an Earthquake occur.So,the only not only but many ADVENTAGES in an Earthquake is GEOTHERMAL ENEGRY numerous people inhale this beacuse it can give you subordinate temperature.It s clean and sustainable.DEPRECIATION of ECONOMY the disadvantages of an Earthquake.