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Every body in this world are meant for living the given time. But that doesn't mean every one are made to do only the things that they like throughout the journey. Hobbies are our favorite acts which we would die to do any time , but still as like mentioned above , not throughout the life. Like all even I do have a hobby. It would be preferable to say a couple of hobbies. If I'm having a book with me, then no one can make me bored anywhere. I can easily go through that book and enjoy time with that. Usually I love sci-fi type books. English classics are really worth of reading for. Short stories can make me feel good. My favorite writers are DAN Brown , Jeffrey archer , Paulo Coelho, William Shakespeare, Henry James and so on. I usually select books based on my writers. It's like books can take me in to other world without disturbing or being disturbed by any. I can read continuously with in a single stretch for a long time . I even have my own library which is not so big , still has some of favorite collections. When I talk about books it would be a bit heartless if I didn't mention the writers who had changed my life. Rhonda Byrne is one among them. She writes a bit psychologically . But I have to admit that her writings have influenced me a lot. If I don't feel like opening my eyes to read or if I don't feel like getting concentrated there are songs for me always which can alter my mood with in seconds. I'm having my own favorite playlists in my mobile which consist of my favorite artists one direction, Enrique Iglesias, Justin Beiber, Taylor swift, Louisa Johnson and some other favorite songs too. At times I feel like they are singing for me . At times i would like they are singing from my life. This is the reason why im feeling so clse to songs . I can listen to my songs anytime , anywhere which is one of my other hobby
I have many hobby.... Like playing, singing, and dancing.......
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dont you think that you qre supposed to write more points amd sentences ???... i think brainliest answer means the one having more points and things... you should try to write more for getting more ratings
the one who is asking question is actually asking for your help. so instead of writing for points you should try to write your answer so that it cam be more helpful. for that you should include all possinle thimgs you know about the matter